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  • Bed sores and wounds that don't heal
    Gifbol plants look like the leaves of an onion. The bulb itself is poisonous and should never be used. Tear the leaves from around the bulb and place on bed sores - it keeps the wound dry and drains excess fluid around it. The wounds should preferably be treated three times a day. Place a blob of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) inside the wound if it has formed a hole because it is the body's attempt to 'fill' the hole that causes the fluid to build up, which in turn slows down healing.

  • Bronchitis, pneumonia and emphysema
    Take four branches of wilde-als, length from the wrist to the index finger, and one branch of wynruit, also from wrist to index finger. Take nieshout, scrape one teaspoon's worth of splinters with a knife. Place everything in one litre water, add 1� cups of sugar and boil on medium heat for 45 minutes. Once the syrup mix has cooled off, pour into a glass bottle and keep in the fridge. Drink a tot three times a day. Wilde-als and wynruit can be grown in your garden and is available at some nurseries. Use the mixture as necessary.

  • Poor blood circulation
    Take a spoon of red pepper, place it inside your shoes, put on socks and walk a day with the pepper in your shoes. Never walk bare feet on the pepper, it will burn the skin.

    Red pepper can also be used for high blood pressure. However, while people with Type O blood can use red pepper successfully other blood groups should take more care. A knife point of red pepper three times a day after meals can be taken to address high blood pressure.

  • Deafness, buzzing in the ears and vertigo
    Take a middle size bottle castor oil, pour into a small pan and cut three cloves of garlic into the oil. Fry on medium heat until garlic browns slightly. Take from the stove, cool down and pour mixture into a glass bottle with the pieces of garlic still inside the oil. Take a half spoon of oil mixture, heat it up to lukewarm over a candle flame (never pour cold oil into ear) and pour it into one ear the one night and the other ear the following night. Place a plug inside the ear once the oil is poured inside.

    It is also advisable to use ear candles, available from health stores, after both ears have been treated the first time. Follow the included instructions and treat both ears, even if you experience discomfort in only one ear. Ear candles can be used only once every six months.

  • Shingles
    The old people believed that taking turmeric was very beneficial and in the case of shingles this is certainly true. A teaspoon of turmeric, in the morning and at night, assists the body against shingles. The extreme pain can be reduced by applying aloe gel to the affected area. Take an aloe leaf (preferably a kanniedood, Aloe variegata)and place it under warm ash. The leaf will expand and the gel inside will soften. Cut the leaf open and apply the lukewarm gel to the sores, it will feel as if the sensitive skin is cooled down and the extreme pain will be reduced.

  • Hair loss
    Take four branches of rosemary, length from the elbow to the wrist. Pour the oil of a middle size bottle coconut oil in a small pan. Strip the leaves from the stem, add it to the oil and fry on medium heat until the leaves brown slightly. Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool down. Don't let the leaves become too dark since it will affect the fragrance. Pour the oil through a sieve so that the leaves stay behind. Massage the oil into the scalp for five minutes. Bind a plastic bag around the head for 30 minutes to generate some heat. Wash the hair and rinse with rosemary infusion - take five branches of rosemary, boil in two litres water and cool down. Use this combination of oil and infusion every week for four weeks and once a month thereafter. Coconut oil is available from pharmacies and certain chain stores.

  • Gout and arthritis
    Pour a litre water in a pot, cut (don't use a garlic press) one kilogram garlic into it. Boil on medium heat for 30 minutes and remove from stove. Add 250 grams of honey and one litre cane spirit to the warm water. It is important that the cane spirit is poured into warm water so that the alcohol can evaporate. Let the mixture cool down and pour through a sieve into a glass bottle and keep in the fridge. Drink a tot three times a day. Use the bottle until it is finished, wait seven days and then make another bottle. Although you may start feeling better after about three bottles, really good results are experienced after about eight bottles.

  • Colic babies
    Take a knife point of red powder (Lennon Medicine) and rub it onto the baby's gums or on the tongue. Use it mornings and evenings.

    A knife point of red powder and a knife point of English Salts three times a day, the old people believed, prevents miscarriages.

  • Mouth sores and sore throat
    Take a leaf of hotnotsvy (Carpobrotus edulis), break it open and apply the juice on the mouth sores, for as many times per day as necessary. Relieve sore throat by chewing a bit of the leaf, swallowing the juice and spitting out the pieces.

    Nasturtium leaves are also good medicine for a sore throat. Chew about three leaves at a time and swallow the pieces - it has quite a strong taste, so give to children with a piece of bread to soften the sharp taste a bit.

  • Psoriasis and eczema
    Take a small bottle petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and mix well with four envelopes of Grandpa headache powder. Keep a bottle with you and apply on affected areas regularly. For eczema you can use a cup of pork fat mixed with one tablespoon of Flowers of Sulphur (blomswael). Apply regularly to affected areas. Flowers of Sulphur is available at pharmacies.

  • Burning feet and pain in the legs Crumble four blocks of camphor into 500ml methylated spirits. Camphor is available from pharmacies. Shake the mixture well and apply with cotton wool to feet or legs.

    Feet must be rubbed DOWN from above the ankle and never up, the old people believed you rubbed the disease into confusion! The same applies for the legs, start above the knee and rub down.